Uzhhorod National University

The state higher educational institution, "Uzhhorod National University," belongs to classic universities of Ukraine. It holds the highest accreditation level and its strategic aim is to obtain the status of a research university.

In accordance with the data of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for 2013, Uzhhorod National University ranks equally among the 12 most powerful universities of the country.

Uzhhorod National University is a member of the Carpathian Region Universities Association (ACRU), which participates in the European Universities Association (EUA) and the International Universities Association (IAU).

The National University of Uzhhorod, with its teaching staff of twenty thousand, is the largest institution in Zakarpattia. Its annual budget is equal to half an annual budget of the city of Uzhhorod.

The University publishes a daily full-colour newspaper, "Pohlyad," which has its media centre and official website.

Scientific achievements
According to the international scientometric data, Uzhhorod National University has ranked stably among the 10 leading scientific centres of Ukraine.

The University takes pride in its 144 doctors of sciences, 684 candidates of sciences, 12 laureates of State prize, 57 Doctors Honoris Causa, 2 corresponding members of the National Academy of Science, 2 corresponding members of the branches of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, and numerous professors and associate professors.

Up to 10 doctoral and 40 candidate dissertations are submitted annually by the University scientists, and the same number of people is awarded academic status of professor and associate professor.

More than 300 postgraduate students and 400 adjuncts in 53 specialities are trained at the University. There are four Specialized Academic Boards on awards of doctoral and candidate degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Economy and History.

Every year the scholars of the University publish about 40 monographs, more than 60 textbooks and manuals, about 1.3 thousand academic articles (a quarter of them in foreign editions), and obtain up to 80 patents.

Twenty-two professional periodicals, including journals and collections of works, are issued by the University. Thirty scientific conferences are held every year, half of them entertain foreign participants.

Educational priorities
Uzhhorod National University enables the students to fully realize their potential and become well-rounded persons. Our graduates have every opportunity to be successfully employed in the enterprises of the EU.

The University provides training programs in 9 specialities of Junior Specialist qualification, as well as in 36 fields of Bachelor programs and 84 fields of Specialist and Master programs.

The innovation trial is being implemented in all fields and specialities: the extensive foreign languages learning, mastering of information technologies, and promoting intensive informational ties on different levels.

Our university evinces a consistent and systematic interest in the languages of its neighboring countries. Nine languages, among them Ukrainian, English, German, French, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Czech are being studied extensively at the University.

Medical colleges of Berehov, Mizhhirya and Hust are working under the aegis of Uzhhorod National University as its constituent educational complexes.

International activities
In promoting international relations, Uzhhorod National University follows three top-priority tasks: to increase the number of foreign students, to devise the program of the double diploma, and to compete for the grants aimed at modernization of the university.

The University keeps friendly ties with 70 partners from 17 countries. It represents Ukraine in the educational and scientific cooperation with the PreDanube countries. Training and consulting offices of the University will soon be opened in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Czech Republic.

Every student who is awarded Bachelor's and Master's degrees of Uzhhorod National University can simultaneously get the same degrees (recognized by the EU) in Scalitsa (Slovakia) in 3 specialities: international relations, ecological management and environment.

Every year more than 400 teachers, scholars, doctorates, graduates and post-graduates of the University participate in foreign exchange programs (research programs, international conferences, training etc.). The University welcomes the same number of foreign partners annually.

Leisure & Sporting Facilities
There are various vocal, pop and choreographic groups in the student leisure centre 'Juventus'. A special matter of pride at our university is the amateur performances by the male choir 'Boyan'.

Twenty-four sports are being developed in our university. Our students and teachers are national and world champions and masters of national and international rank in power lifting, handball, track and field athletics, swimming, etc.

University teams participate successfully in national championships in American football, rugby football, baseball, basketball and netball.

Members of our university community have at their disposal 18 playing fields, the ski resort "Plishka" with ski lifts, a 25 metre swimming pool, large and small gyms in the sports centre "Burevisnyk", gymnasiums and fitness equipment in all six halls of residence accommodating four thousand students.

Facilities for Research & Study
Uzhhorod National University's telecommunication multimedia teaching aids are the newest in Ukraine. They make it possible to conduct videoconferences and lectures on-line, to link up with the audience having a corresponding equipment in any corner of the globe, and to provide simultaneous interpretation and translation.

A lot of attention is being paid to the cultivation of modern university historical and cultural environment and scenery. With this aim in view a public garden named after St.Tetiana, a Patron Saint of all students, has been properly equipped with the necessary facilities.

The university is leading the volunteering movement in the region. The classroom and access point for people with disabilities have been installed in our university. Only three higher educational establishments in Ukraine have such facilities.

The university research library comprises more than 1.5 million documents on different storage media. It caters for more than 20 thousand readers. Its depository receives more than 15 thousand Ukrainian and foreign documents and about 250 academic periodicals. Thousands of unique specimens of book-printing, incunabula that came out in Latin before 1500 and the Ostrog Bible printed by Ivan Fyodorov in 1581, are being stored in the library.

The Museum of Zoology comprises five thousand exhibits from different continents. Its depository has more than 150 thousand specimens of fauna. It has the best collection of birds of prey and owls in Central Europe (more than 170 stuffed birds), collected from Zakarpattia and Eastern Slovakia.

The Botanical Gardens take up the territory of almost 90 hectares. More than 500 wood species and bushes and about 450 subtropical and tropical crops are being cultivated here.

Earth satellite astrophysical observations are being carried out using state-of-the-art equipment in the space exploration laboratory.


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