Ternopil National Volodimir Hnatiuk Pedagogical University

In 1620 Kremenets created a mass school, which led teacher training for primary school other communal schools.

1637 on the basis of sister school known educator Petro Mohyla Brotherhood school was reorganized into Kremenetsko-Theophanic board, whose task was the preparation of teachers for communal schools Volyn.

The second half of XVII century. After leaving Kremenetz of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in place Kremenetsko-board Epiphany appears Jesuit College, which was conducted teacher training for Jesuit schools.

1773 After the proclamation by Pope Clement XIV bull to abolish the Jesuit order Jesuit College in Kremenets closed. Later in the college premises operated pidokruzhna and z1783, the secular school district, the latter of which is prepared teachers.

1805 Based on College premises Decree of the Russian tsar Alexander I opened the university - Volyn high school science.

1818 Volyn school was reorganized into Kremenetsko-Volyn college.

1833 Kremenetsko-Volyn college after the defeat of the revolutionary movement of Polish closed. In his house was located Volyn Theological Seminary.

1902 the Volyn Volyn Theological Seminary established diocesan women's college, which led the preparation of teachers for primary schools.

1920 Order of the Chief of the Polish Army Yu.Pildsudskoho May 27 legally restored Kremenetskiy college. In high school teachers seminary established (6 courses, 86 boys and 120 girls) and school name. T.Chatskoho.

1935 Lyceum seminary reformed in Pedahohium.

1937 Open Pedagogical High School, where in 1939 there were 20 schools. Not to mention the library, several orphanages and network objects.

1940 Resolution of the Council of People's Commissars of April 15, the former highschool and open pedagogical institute, which first began classes in Ukrainian.

During the years 1942-1944 WWII teachers and students replace audiences and books in the trenches and rifle.

1944 In September Kremenetskiy Institute was reopened to students.

1950 Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine dated 4 August reorganized Kremenetskiy pedagogical institute in teaching.

1969 Pedagogical Institute relocated to Ternopil.

1973 Institute Council adopted a resolution on the organization of the Faculty of General disciplines (CTD).

1974 Ministry of Education of Ukraine № 478 appointed rector of Ternopil Pedagogical Institute Doctor of Biology, Professor Alexander Fedotovich Yavonenka.

1976 Ministry of Education of the USSR decided to open the Ternopil Pedagogical Institute faculty training primary school teachers (PVPK).

1979 The newly opened Faculty of Philology, in the Ternopil Pedagogical Institute.

Rector of the Pedagogical Institute in 1982 appointed John N. Butnytskoho.

1984 became rector of Ternopil Pedagogical Institute Yuri Ivashchenko.

1988 Faculty of General teacher training courses have been renamed to engineering and teaching (IPF).

1990 Department of Natural split into two separate departments: Nature and Geography.

1990 rector of Ternopil State Pedagogical Institute andbecame Volodymyr Kravets.

1993 A new faculties: history, foreign languages, music and teaching.

1997 Issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 555 "On creation of Ternopil State Pedagogical University."

2004 Decree of the President of Ukraine № 957/2004 the university granted the status of a national institution.


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