Sumy National Agrarian University

Invite to cooperation:
+ Proposals of International Cooperation Department.
1. SNAU provides language courses in English, German, French and Polish.
2. More then 300 students speak English and German fluently. We are interested in finding new training placements for students and teaching staff. If you have any proposes, don't hesitate to come in touch with us.
3. Much attention is paid to the learning of foreign languages. We'd like to invite language bearers to conduct English, German, French, Polish and other languages. You are welcome to contact us.
4. We are looking for new co-operation abroad. We are greatly interested in finding partners in the universities of Europe, Australia and the USA in the directions of scientific research and academic study.
It would be great if we could establish links with foreign and Ukrainian educational institutions for co-operation, future joint projects and participating in grant programs.

+ Agronomy Department.
Agronomy Department of SNAU seeks for instructors for phytodesign and gene engineering studies (addressed to creation of trance genetic sorts of agricultural crops, in particular)
Perspective joint scientific themes and projects proposals of agronomic department
1. Elaboration of theoretical basis and practical implementation of bioeconomic systems of soil cultivation (Chair of Soil Cultivation)
2. Residential areas, parks and sport-lawns planting (Chair of Botany)
3. Creation of sport-lawns covers (Crop Protection Chair)

+ Veterinary Medicine Department.
1. Using an advanced strategy immunes forms unprolificacy of sows for tests titer芒鈧劉s sperms antibody in the whey shelters.
2. Using an advanced strategy of rectal sow study under the clinical diagnostics of their pregnancy and different forms non-fetal and obstetric-gynecology pathology.
3. Using an advanced strategy colpocitology under postnatal pathology and different forms non fetal beside sows.
4. Using a method an express - preventive maintenances of postnatal pathology beside sows.
5. Using a preparation 匕鈥欂扳€�-1 for disinfections hatchable eggs.
6. New methods of diagnostics ascarios, trihurios, metastrongilosis of pig, toksakorosis and trihurios of dogs.
7. Using a cuties therapies beside sows under obstetric-gynecology pathology with using the biostimulators, made from placental tissue of a person.
8. Modes of using active electrochemical dissolve for detoxication of organism birds at mycotoxically, bacterial and viruses diseases.
9. Strategy of full recovery of birds at poultry-farms from virus diseases of poultry.

+ Biotechnology Department.
Animal husbandry
1. Selection plans elaboration as regards cattle, pigs, and horses.
2. Feeding plans elaboration for pedigree live-stock
3. Creation of elite herd of cattle with a high productivity
4. Creation of demonstrative training and scientific farms
5. Scientific and methodical support of new farms equipped with milking parlors
6. Breeding and improvement of Ukrainian Dairy Brown Cattle
7. Breeding and improvement of Sumy type of Ukrainian Dairy Black and White Cattle
8. Improvement of milk quality to produce cheese via bulls selection of beta-allele
9. Implementation of consulting services (Extention) in animal husbandry
We are ready to cooperate in:
1. Mutual estimation of bull-breeders in accordance with the system "Interbull"
2. Joint program on improvement of all agricultural animals breeds with the help of the best world gene fund
3. Biotechnological methods of bulls-leaders breeding
4. Creation of demonstrative organic farms-modules with the closed production cycle (production - processing - packing - realization)
5. Joint training programs related to organic food production for animal husbandry specialists

+ Engineering Technology Department.

+ Management and Law Department.

+ Accountancy Department.
We propose:
1. A package of methodological proposals for enterprise book-keeping
2. Recommendations on book-keeping data transforming
3. Accounting registers, recommendations on their system and scheme forming
4. Recommendations and methodical tables for booking-keeping accounts cancellation

+ Food Processing Technology Department.

+ Correspondence Education Department.
The Department is ready for co-operation with other educational institutions of I-II level of accreditation through Advisory Centres network by introducing the remote form of education.
We should like to exchange information on improvement of the school process while training students without giving-up their work.

+ Preparatory Department.

+ Postgraduate Education Department.

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