Khmelnitsky National University

History of the University started in June 1962 with the establishment of general-technical department of the Ukrainian Printing Institute. 250 students were accepted to the first year of evening courses and distance study. About 200 students were transferred from other higher educational establishments to upper courses of distance study.

In January 1966 the faculty was reorganized into the branch of the Ukrainian Printing Institute. Mechanical and General-technical faculties were functioning. 520 students were accepted to the first year of studying, among them 90 full-time students. 30 more students were accepted to the second year of full-time study of Mechanical faculty.

In September 1967 the branch became independent educational establishment - Khmelnytskyi Technological Institute of Domestic Services. 3 faculties: Mechanical, Technological and General-technical were functioning in the university. The general amount of students reached 1500 people. 65 teachers and laboratory assistants worked on the 9 departments.

4 faculties were organized in the Institute in July 1969, including 2 general-technical: Khmelnytskyi and Kamianets-Podilskyi. M. Karpylenko was the rector of the institute from July 1969 until December 1974. During this time Preparatory Department and Engineering and economic faculty were opened. 5639 students were studying in different educational modes. 254 teachers worked on 21 departments, 100 of them had academic degrees and titles.

In December 1974, under the guidance of Prof. R.Silin, Khmelnytskyi Technological Institute of Domestic Services was transformed to multidisciplinary institution of higher education.

In September 1989 higher educational establishment received status of the Khmelnitsky Technological Institute. In these years building №4, dormitories №4, 5, modern library, canteen, sports complex, research and experimental building of research sector, 2 living houses have been built, and construction of building № 5 has started. Such faculties, as Business and Law, Radio Electronics, and Faculty of the Work with Foreign Students were opened. Institute trained specialists for 47 countries. There were Postgraduate and Doctorate studies at the Institute.

In October 1994– institute was accredited for the IV level and received status Technological University of Podillya. The Faculty of Work with Foreign Students was reorganized into Pedagogical faculty. Specialists training within 8 new majors was conducted. More than11000 students studied at the university on 1.01.2002, 6400 of them are full-time students, and 1500 are students of pre-university and post-university training. Achievements of the Technological University of Podillya created possibility to establish Mukachevo branch with two faculties: Engineering and Economics, Technology Faculty in 1995. Today it is Mukachevo State University.

By Instruction of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 771, 17.12.2003 and Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 261, 26.12.2003, Technological University of Podillya was reorganized in Khmelnytskyi State University in 2003.

In 2004, by Decree of the President of Ukraine № 954/2004, 08.21.2004 and by Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 719, 13.09.2004, Khmelnytskyi State University was reorganized in Khmelnytskyi National University.


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الصحة البشرية 4 بكالوريوس  2000 
علوم وثائق ومعلومات آخر 4 بكالوريوس  2000
سياحة 4  بكالوريوس  2000 
 فلسفة 4 بكالوريوس   2000 
 تاريخ 4 بكالوريوس  2000 
 علم الإجتماع 4 بكالوريوس  2000 
 علم النفس 4 بكالوريوس  2000 
 العلوم السياسية 4  بكالوريوس 2000 
 صحافة 4  بكالوريوس 2000 
 النشر والتحرير 4  بكالوريوس 2000 

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