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The most stirring issue for any students as well as for the graduate is the search of opportunities to put their knowledge and skills into practice. It is not always easy to find the job for the person who has no diploma or has just graduated from the University (even if the latter was prestigious). The majority of employers prefer to look for the employees with sufficient work experience and are not delighted with the problems of adaptation of young specialists.

Our department was created for the purpose of assistance of job placement to students and graduates of out university.

The main aim of the department is to carry on vocational guidance work among students, to organize trainings on employments and labor relations issues, to assist and ensure the first workplace for out graduates.

The main directions of the department work are as follows:

to carry out the analysis of labor market;
to ensure fruitful cooperation with potential employers for the practical training of students and assurance of the first working place for graduates;
to give information to students and graduates about the vacant job placements;
to arrange the explanatory work among students and graduates on the issues of employment and labor relations;
to conduct consultations dealing with the drawing up of CV and its further placement at the University web-site;
to sign agreements with state-funded students for the assistance to provide the first working place for them;
to organize events, dealing with the employment of students and graduates (that includes days of career, round table discussions, practical workshops, research and practical conferences, job fairs, competitions for vacant posts on the request of employers, meetings with the best university graduates and so on );
to cooperate with the associations of graduates to assist in the employment of graduates;
to cooperate and sign agreements with potential employers and to provide efficient vacancy occupation.

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الصحة البشرية 4 بكالوريوس  2000 
علوم وثائق ومعلومات آخر 4 بكالوريوس  2000
سياحة 4  بكالوريوس  2000 
 فلسفة 4 بكالوريوس   2000 
 تاريخ 4 بكالوريوس  2000 
 علم الإجتماع 4 بكالوريوس  2000 
 علم النفس 4 بكالوريوس  2000 
 العلوم السياسية 4  بكالوريوس 2000 
 صحافة 4  بكالوريوس 2000 
 النشر والتحرير 4  بكالوريوس 2000 

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